Beddome Library 16

151. Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719 An introduction to the Holy Scripture, containing the several tropes, figures, etc
152.  Ames, William, 1576-1633 The godly man's ark: or city of refuge in the day of his distress
153(a). Watson, Thomas, -1686 The saints delight (plus meditation)
153(b). Watson, Thomas, d. 1686 The upright mans character and crown
154. Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671 A treatise of the divine promises
155. Davenport, John, 1597-1670 The power of Congregational Churches asserted and vindicated
156(a). Wolleb, Johannes, 1586-1629 Compendium theologiae Christianae
156(b). Carleton, George, 1559-1628 Suffragium collegiale theologorum Magnae Britanniae
157. Taylor, Thomas 1576-1632 Christs victorie over the Dragon: or, Satans downfall
158.  Taylor, Thomas, 1624 or 5-1700 Jacob wrestling with God and prevailing               
159(a).  Rider, Cardanus 1781 Rider's British Merlin: ... 1781?
159(b).  Royal Kalendar A new edition, corrected to the 8th of February, of The royal Kalendar?
160.  Ames, William, 1576-1633 Guiliel Amesii Medulla theologica?


Beddome's Library 15

139. Mauduit, Isaac, 1662 or 3 Methodus evangelica : or, a modest essay upon the true scriptural-rational way of preaching
140. Chauncy, Charles, 1705-1787 Seasonable thoughts on the state of religion in New-England
141. Blackwell, Thomas, 1701-1757 A catalogue of books newly printed for, and sold... at the Bible in Newgate-Street.
141. Marshall, Joseph, fl. 1770 A Treatise of the Institution, Right Administration and Receiving of the Sacrament
142. Vines, Richard, 1600?-1655/6 Grace: the truth and growth and different degrees thereof
143. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691 The divine life: in three treatises
144. Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Three treatises of The vanity of the creature
145. Love, Christopher, 1618-1651 The dividing of the hooff: or Seeming Contradictions throughout Sacred Scriptures, etc
146. ???
147. Streat, William, 1600?-1666/9 Additional annotations to the NT
148. Phelpes, Charles A commentary, or, An exposition with notes on the five first chapters of the Revelation
149(a).  Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699 The good of early obedience Bed
149(b). Heywood, Oliver, 1629-1702 The sure mercies of David Bed
149(c). Hickman, Henry, -1692 The believers duty towards the Spirit, and the Spirits office towards believers
150. Gunter, Edmund, 1581-1626 The Works of Edmund Gunter

Beddome's Library Contents 14

130. Case, Thomas, 1598-1682 Correction, instruction or A treatise of afflictions
131. Ball, John, 1585-1640 A short treatise containing all the principal grounds of Christian religion 132. Sedgwick, William, 1609 or 1610-1669?
133(1).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Joy in the Lord
133(2).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Sions praises
133(3).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 The comfort and crown of great actions
133(4).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 The rich mans charge
133(5).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 The brand pluck'd out of the fire Bed
133(6).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Gods fidelity, the Churches safety
133(7).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 The misery of a deserted people
133(8).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 The meanes and method of healing in the Church
133(9).  Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 The Churches triumph over death
133(10). Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Preaching of Christ
133(11). Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 A sermon preached before the king, upon the twenty eighth of March 1669
133(12). Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Orders from the Lord of Hostes, for regulating the hostes of the Lord
134(a). Shower, John 1657-1715 Family religion in three letters to a friend
134(b). Shower, John 1657-1715 A discourse of tempting Christ Bed
134(c). Calamy, Edmund 1600-1666 The godly man's ark or city of refuge in the day of his distress 135. Gurnall, William, 1617-1679 The Christians labour and reward
136. Shower, John, 1657-1715 Serious reflections on time and eternity
137. Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. Rome rhymed to death
138. Owen, John, 1616-1683 A brief declaration and vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity Bed 139.  Mauduit, Isaac, 1662 or 3 Methodus evangelica or, a modest essay upon the true scriptural-rational way of preaching
140. Chauncy, Charles, 1705-1787 Seasonable thoughts on the state of religion in New-England

Beddome's Library Contents 13

120. A. S. (Gent) The gentleman's complete jockey
121. Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684 An explanation of the shorter catechism
122. Cotton, John, 1584-1652 A treatise of the covenant of grace
123(a). Hobson, Paul A discoverie of truth: Presented to the sonnes of truth in answer to two letters
123(b). Hobson, Paul Practicall divinity or A helpe to leade men more to looke within themselves … 123(c). Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691 The marrow of Christianity
124. Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665 The returne of mercies or The saints advantage by losses
125. Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647 Hooker's miscellanies (5 works)
126. Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645 Hugo Grotius De veritate religionis Christianae
127. Taylor, Thomas, 1576-1632 Regula vitae, the rule of the law under the gospel
128. Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645 Defensio fidei Catholicæ de satisfactione Christi, adversus Faustum Socinum Senensem
129. Hibbert, Henry, 1601 or 02-1678 Waters of Marah: Drawn forth in two funerall sermons
130. Case, Thomas, 1598-1682 Correction, instruction or A treatise of afflictions

Beddome's Library Contents 12

111. Ball, John, 1585-1640 A treatise touching falling from grace
112. (4 vols)  Case, Thomas, 1598-1682 A short treatise, contayning all the principall grounds of Christian religion
113. Byfield, Nicholas, 1579-1622 An exposition vpon the Epistle to the Colossians
114. Attersoll, William -1614 A commentarie upon the fourth booke of Moses, called Numbers
115. Attersoll, William -1614 A commentarie upon the epistle of Saint Paule to Philemon
116. Roberts, Francis 1609-1675 Clavis Bibliorum: The key of the Bible
118. Sibbes, Richard 1577-1635 The saints comforts (Ps 130)
119. Venning, Ralph, 1621?-1674. Things worth thinking on; or, Helps to piety
120.  A. S. (Gent) The gentleman's complete jockey


Beddome's Library Contents 11

101. Eachard, John, 1636?-1697 Some observations upon the Answer to an enquiry into the grounds & occasions of the contempt of the clergy
102. Hutchinson, Ed; Smith, Francis c 1657-89 A treatise concerning the covenant and baptism dialogue-wise, between a Baptist & a Poedo-Baptist
103. Tombes, John, 1603?-1676 Animadversions upon a late book, intituled, A preface shewing what grounds there are …
104. Reeve, Hampden A just reply to the books of Mr. Wills, and Mr. Blinman, etc
105. Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622? The straight gate. Or the narrow way leading unto life, made plain
106. Westminster Assembly (1644-46) An arrow against idolatrie: Taken out of the quiver of the Lord of hosts
107. Prince, Thomas, 1687-1758 An abridgement of the late Reverend Assemblies Shorter Catechism, Fitted for , etc
108. Norton, John, 1606-1663 A chronological history of New England
109. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704 A discussion of that great Point in Divinity, the Sufferings of Christ
110(a). Griffith, John, 1622?-1700 The display of glorious grace, or, The covenant of peace opened
110(b). Griffith, John, 1622?-1700 Gods oracle & Christ's doctrine; or, The six principles of Christian religion


Beddome's Library Contents 10

91. Tennent, John, 1706-1732; Tennent, Gilbert The nature of regeneration opened
92. Owen, John 1616-1683 An humble testimony unto the goodness and severity of God in his dealing w sinful Churches & nations
93. Owen, John 1616-1683 A discourse of the work of the Holy Spirit in prayer
94. Owen, John 1616-1683 A treatise of the dominion of sin and grace
95 (a). Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. Goodwin, etc The spirituall-mans aime
95 (b). Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. Goodwin, etc The Christians portion, or, The charter of a Christian
96. Lockyer, Nicholas, 1611-1685 Christs communion with his Church militant
97. Owen, John 1616-1683 A brief instruction in the worship of God, and discipline of the churches of the New Testament
98. Horace Quinti Horatii Flacci Poemata
99. Farnaby, Thomas 1575?-1647 Index rhetoricus et oratorius
100. Anon A word in season. Or Three great duties of Christians in the worst of times