Hymn Conversion

In this hymn Beddome again makes use of the idea of God commanding light - this time in connection with conversion. The first verse seems to be an allusion to the experience of blind Bartiameus. His third verse is informed by Ephesians 2 and similar passages.

486 Conversion LM

1 THAT was a time of wondrous love,
When Christ my Lord was passing by;
He felt his tender pity move,
And brought his great salvation nigh.

2 Guilty and self-condemned I stood
Nor thought his mercy was so near;
When he my stubborn heart subdued,
And planted all his graces there.

3 My eyes were sealed, the shades of night
O’er all my mental powers were drawn;
He spoke the word, ‘Let there be light,’
And straight the day began to dawn.

4 When on the verge of endless pain,
He gently whispered, I am thine,
I lost my fears and dropped my chain,
And felt a transport all divine.

5 Now he supports the work begun,
Strengthens my hands and guides my way.
To him be endless honours done,
Let heaven and earth resound his praise.

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