Hymn The Fall and more

This succeeding hymn is also headed the Fall but really grows out of the protevangelium of Gen 3:15. The idea of pleasure in hell is paradoxical (mazy = labyrinthine). It gives a good setting, however, to the 'But' in the second half of verse 2. one imagines the laughter dying down as the demons realise what is afoot. (The idea of the heel being slightly hurt is legitimate). 'Whilst by his death, death’s empire ends' is a good line. We end on a high note - with Satan defeated by the resurrection.
261 The Fall LM
WHEN, by the tempter’s wiles betrayed,
Adam our head and parent fell,
Unknown before, a pleasure spread,
Through all the mazy deeps of hell.

2 Infernal powers rejoiced to see
The new-made world destroyed, undone;
But God proclaims his great decree,
Of grace and mercy through his Son.

3 ‘Serpent, accursed, thy sentence read,
Almighty vengeance thou shalt feel
The woman’s seed shall crush thy head,
Thy malice slightly bruise his heel.’

4 Thus God declares and Christ descends
In human form to bleed and die;
Whilst by his death, death’s empire ends,
And all the sons of darkness fly.

5 Rising, the King of glory deals
Destruction to his numerous foes;
His power the daring tempter feels,
And sinks oppressed beneath his woes.

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