Montgomery on Beddome

In his The CHRISTIAN PSALMIST OR HYMNS, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED James Montgomery in an introductory essay of October, 1825, includes these remarks:

Another writer, less known than any of the preceding, yet worthy of honour both for the quantity and quality of his hymns, was the Rev B Beddome, a Baptist minister. His compositions are calculated to be far more useful than attractive, though, on closer acquaintance, they become very agreeable, as well as impressive, being for the most part brief and pithy. A single idea, always important, often striking, and sometimes ingeniously brought out, not with a mere point at the end, but with the terseness and simplicity of the Greek epigram, - constitutes the basis of each piece. Many of these were composed as supplementary application of texts, or the main topics of his sermons; and they might supply pregnant hints both to ministers and people, who were disposed to turn them to profit in the same manner. His name would deserve to be held in everlasting remembrance, if he had left no other memorial of the excellent spirit which was in him, than the few humble verses, page 370.

Let party names no more
The Christian world o'erspread:
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,
Are one in Christ their Head, &c.

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