Hymn An Advocate

This hymn is again steeped in Old Testament, particularly Tabernacle and Temple, imagery.

81 An Advocate LM

FATHER of mercies, at thy feet,
We trembling, yet adoring stand;
Though worthless, we are sure to meet
A kind reception at thy hand.

2 Close by thy side, and on thy throne,
Sits Jesus, our high priest and king,
Whose merits spread a rich perfume,
O’er all the services we bring.

3 There as our Surety he appears,
With all our names upon his breast,
Mingles his incense with our prayers,
And thus obtains what we request.

4 With joy we see the mercy seat
Sprinkled with his atoning blood:
And in our glorious Head complete,
Dare to approach a holy God.

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