Hymn New Chapel

It's good to get the word Hiram in a hymn. Like one or two other lines in this hymn, it is a weak one though. 'Here erect thy mercy seat' is a better line.

731 Opening a Place of Worship 7s
GLORY to the God of grace
Who for us provides a place,
Where he will his love reveal,
And his saints his wonders tell.

2 Not as once in days of old
Overlaid with purest gold;
Nor of cedar can we boast,
Nor of Hiram’s mighty host.

3 To thine honour Lord we rear
This a humble house of prayer;
Here erect thy mercy seat,
With thy children deign to meet.

4 Now we consecrate to thee
Let it, Lord, accepted be,
Through thy blest and only Son
All our hearts and hands have done.

5 Here thy sacred truth display,
Here assert thy sovereign sway;
Let thy glorious gospel shine,
Aided by a power divine.

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