Letter 02

This posthumous letter also appeared in the Evangelical Magazine

October 18, 1759
Dear Cousin
Though the motions of the wheels of Providence are rough and intricate, nay, though they are retrograde, and sometimes seem to go back, yet there are eyes within and without, and I doubt not but all thing are ordered by an infinitely wise God for your good and advantage. I hope you have found the school of affliction to be the school of Christ, and that you can say with David, in very faithfulness thou hast afflicted me.
In your last you told me of a promise that had been sweet to you: by that God was by preparing you for the sorrowful scene that followed. He allured you, and brought you into the wilderness, and I trust he has there spoken comfortably to you. The bitter cup is sometimes as necessary as the cordial draught; and when God teaches us, as Gideon did the men of Succoth, by the briars and thorns of the wilderness, his lessons often often make the deepest impression. I shall be heartily glad to hear of the perfect restoration of your health and above all, of your spiritual welfare, I am, etc. BB

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