Hymn Draw Me

This hymn is 577 in the collection. The idea comes from Song of Songs Chapter 1 At some later point someone added a chorus.

If thou hast drawn a thousand times
(Oh draw me, Lord, again)

Around me cast the Spirit's bands.
(Oh draw me, Lord, again)

1 Jesus, my Saviour, bind me fast.
In cords of heavenly love ;
Then sweetly ' draw me' to thy breast,
Nor let me thence remove.

2 'Draw me' from all created good.
To the dear fountain of thy blood,
Myself, the world, and sin;
And make me pure within.

3 Oh lead me to thy mercy seat,
Attract me nearer still;
'Draw me', like Mary, to thy feet,
To sit and learn thy will.

4 Oh 'draw me' by thy providence,
Thy spirit and thy word,
From all the things of time - and sense,
To thee my gracious Lord.

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