The Angus Library

I made a long promised trip to Oxford to check out the Beddome archive recently. This is in the Angus Library of Regents Park College.
The current librarian (Rev Emma Walsh) is new to the job so, understandably, isn't yet as knowledgeable as the previous librarian (Mrs Mills) but she was very helpful indeed. There is something time transcendent about a good library. What a joy!
I had no time for the Bourton church minute books but consulted his will, a letter he wrote, a manuscript notebook compiled by his grandson (?) and one or two other things. I noticed again that there are around 30 or 40 of his hymns written in his own hand on scrap paper in a bundle and a set of notebooks (in another hand) containing hymns he wrote with texts and dates, which I must consult further some time (there are also notes to an unprinted [?] sermon).
I also consulted the volumes containing all 225 printed Beddome sermons (several of which I do not have access to at present) and wrote down the texts. I also looked through the catalogue of his library, which is also housed in the Library. He had around 600 volumes, mostly in English but with some in Latin (and at least one in German). Puritan authors predominate - Arrowsmith, Owen, Goodwin, Sibbes, etc. I also noted polemical publications (from both sides) connected with the baptism debate and commentaries by Calvin. He had two works by Richard Bernard who I am also interested in so I took out Beddome's copy of Bernard on conscience - Christian see to thy conscience. It is an original 1631 edition. Beddome has added his name in two places near the front. These words also appear which I am unable to attach a meaning to as yet "perlect minse Junie 1776" [It simply means having read in the month of June 1776"]. Beddome would have been 59 in this year. Anyway with nearly 20 pages of notes I've got plenty to keep the site going for a little while. Watch this space!

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