Sources - what's where

I have now been able to visit both the Angus Library, Oxford, and the Bristol Baptist College Library, where most of the primary source materials for Beddome are housed. Both have printed copies of his catechism.
The main things the Angus Library has are
1. Beddome's printed sermons in several volumes
2. The relevant Bourton on the Water Baptist Church books
3. A copy of Beddome's will (and perhaps the will itself)
4. A letter from Beddome to Richard Hall
5. Beddome's Library of 600 or more volumes
6. Manuscript hymns
7. Notes to an unpublished sermon
8. Memorabilia belonging to and compiled by grandson Samuel Beddome in an informative notebook
9. Letters by Beddome (?)
10. A copy of his son Benjamin's thesis in Latin
11. Minutes of the Midland Association for the appropriate period
In Bristol the main things are
1. A letter from Beddome's parents when he was studying in London
2. Three volumes of manuscript hymns plus some others loose
3. Three books of lecture notes donated to the library by him in 1794
4. A family tree
Bristol also has two letters to John Beddome and Bernard Foskett and what looks to be a fascinating 1755-1790 diary by Mary Jackson nee Ludlow (1738-1807) a member of John Beddome's congregation in Bristol.
A copy of Brooks' history of the Bourton Church can be found in the Dr Williams Library here in London. This is also now available online through Google Books.
At the Gloucestershire Record Office transcripts of four diaries of William Snooke can be found with several references to Beddome.
There are also some few letters by Beddome in the National Library of Wales Mann collection.

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