Preaching Oct-Dec 1769

Double click to view. Again this is from Snooke's diary. A small sampling, it covers 26 services, all of which Beddome appears to have preached at except two on October 22, when John Butterworth of Coventry preached. Beddome seems to have gone back to the earlier part of Matthew 25 at some point in the year and preached from at least verse 10, getting as far as verse 13 in five sermons. Given that in 1768 he began at Matthew 25:14-16 on June 5, it is clear why he stopped this time with verse 13. If he started with Matthew 25:1 this time we can posit some nine other sermons, which could take us back at least as far as July 24. As for Acts 16, Beddome's last sermon on it in 1768 (December 25) ended with verses 21, 22a. Given that he preached on Acts 16:34 on November 5, 1769, presumably he also preached on Acts 16:22b-33 some time between January 1 and October 2, 1769 (inclusive), some 26 Sundays to cover around 10 verses. Other sermons seem to be very much one offs (2 Tim 4:16, Rev 3:8 and Pv 4:26) although four serices were taken to cover John 14:6 and four to cover Luke 16:1, 2 and two each for Deuteronomy 5:2 and Job 1:9, 10. Midweek he worked his way through Psalm 7:1-11. The remaining verses were covered presumably in the following year.

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