Double lectures in Snooke

We have mentioned before how Roger Hayden writes about the double lecture established among the Abingdon, Fairford, Wantage, Cirencester, Cote and Bourton churches 1774-1788. In the six summer months (April-September) there would be a double lecture (an older and a younger minister preaching) at each church in turn. In Snooke's diaries for 1774 and 1775 we have references to the August double lectures in Bourton. He notes that

In 1774 the order was
1. Mr Stanwell (Cirencester) prayed
2. Singing
3. [Samuel] Dunscombe (Cheltenham) prayed
4. [James] Biggs (Wantage) preached on Rom 5:3-5
5. [Thomas] Davis (Fairford) prayed
6. Singing
7. [Daniel] Turner (Abingdon) on Mk 9:50
8. Singing
9. Mr Pindy (sic) prayed [probably Thomas Purdy, Chipping Norton]
Snooke had all the ministers back for a meal after and put some up at his home. Some went on to Bengeworth. Stanwell stayed to preach in Bourton on the Sunday and Beddome went to preach for him in Cirencester.
Snooke also noted the double lecture in Abingdon on September 28, where we know Bedome was one of the speakers.

Something similar happened in 1775. This time Snooke notes that the meeting began at 10.45 am and ended at 1.45 pm, a length of 3 hours. The order was
1. Singing
2. Biggs prayed
3. [Thomas] Davis preached on Php 1:21
4. [Samuel's brother Thomas] Dunscombe [Coate] prayed
5. [Daniel] Turner preached on John 14:6
6. Singing
7. [Benjamin] Francis [Horsley] prayed
Turner read all the hymns and went on about 4 pm to preach in Chipping Norton.

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