Ryland's Memoranda

In 1773 (around August) John Ryland wrote to John Manning in Rhode Island, America, giving him a memoranda and some hints. He says there
1. The Calvinistical Baptist ministers in England and Wales are about 200; but I have given away my printed lists, and forgot to ask Mr Wallin for some more. Be so good as to mention it to him.
2. I cannot yet procure a complete list of the Independent ministers and churches. You know there are about 32 in London, and we have 12 or 14 in Northampton.
3. I suppose you know that it was Dr Stennett that procured an order from Government to put a stop to the oppression of the Baptists near Boston. I have not a perfect idea of that affair.
4. Two young men, of good parts and sound knowledge of the learned languages, and men of eloquence and piety, are lately come into the ministry from Mr Evan's academy in Bristol; namely, Mr Biggs, just going to be ordained over the Baptist church at Wantage, in Berkshire, and Mr Danscombe, at Coat in Oxfordshire, whose ordination is to be at tho same time. You will do well to mark them down as men of uncommon merit, worthy of your feathers in a year.
5. The sooner you send over a clear, short, printed account of your college, in its rise and present state, the better. I beg you would pay due and equal attention to our leading men, in presenting each with a copy, that no jealousy or pique against you may arise. You know our chief ministers. We have about 30 or 40 that can read Greek. Let not one be forgot. If you know not all of them, I will inform yon, or take the trouble of giving them a copy in your name.
6. As to your visit to old England, I shall be glad to see you, and will do you all the service I can; but I wish you to attach some more of our ministers to your interest by your pretty baubles first, and also let your account of the college come six months before you.
7. As to your worthy Mathematical Professor, I wish him all possible success; but I must not ...

1. Samuel Stennett, DD
2. Benjamin Wallin
3. William Clark
4. John Reynolds
5. Abraham Booth
6. Dr. Gifford
(All London)
1. Hugh Evans
2. Caleb Evans
3. Mr Newton

1. Benjamim Beddome, Bourton on the water, Gloucester.
2. John Ash, Pershore, Worcestershire.
3. Joshua Symmonds, of Bedford, who has lately altered his sentiments from Pedobaptist and honestly is come into and submitted to believer's baptism; for which he is abhorred and despised by the Independent ministers. Give him your best honors.
4. Daniel Turner Abingdon, Berkshire.
5. Mr Robinson of Cambridge.
6. Philip Gibbs of Plymouth.
7. Morgan Jones of Hampstead, Hertfordshire.
8. Samuel James of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Now dying.
9. Isaac Woodman of Leicestershire.
10. John Brown of Kettering, Northamptonshire.
11. Biggs and Dunscombe; excellent scholars.
12. Robert Day, Wellington, Somersetshire.
13. Benjamin Fuller, Devizes.
14. John Poynting, Worcester.
15. John Oulton, of Rawden in Yorkshire.
16. John Fawcett, of Wainsgate, Yorkshire;  now keeps a seminary.
17. Joseph Jenkins.
18. Benjamin Davies, in Wales, keeps an academy at Abergavenny, about 10 pupils. Give him a feather.
19. Mr John Rippon, at Dr Gill's meeting-house.
20. Ryland, Sen.
21. Ryland, Jun.

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