Beddome on communion

The late Peter Naylor says in his book on Baptists and communion

That Beddome in earlier days had upheld restricted communion is shown by his exposition of the Baptist catechism, 'the proper subjects' of the ordinance of communion being 'they who have been baptized upon a personal Profession of their Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance from Dead Works'. He asks: 'Are Baptized Believers proper subjects of this Ordinance? YES They that were baptized. But in later years Beddome shifted his position, his assistant, William Wilkins, appointed in 1777, introducing to the Lord's Table some who had been sprinkled in infancy. Furthermore, with John Collett Ryland (1723-92) at Northampton, Daniel Turner [1710-1798] at Abingdon and Robert Robinson [1735-1790] at Cambridge, Beddome tended to favour open membership.

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