Child of many prayers

The Unitarian Robert Aspland (1762-1836) of Hackney, in a letter to the Rev Thomas Niclin, of Burwell, Cambridgeshire, in September 1797 wrote
On Monday afternoon, I was at the performance of the ordinance of baptism at Mr [James] Dore's [1764-1825] meeting, Maze Pond, Southwark. There were four baptized, two males and two females. The service was conducted with great propriety, and the sermon was very forcible. I almost wish you had been there. One of the men who were baptized was the son of Mr Beddome, Baptist minister, deceased. Upon his coming down into the water, Mr D exclaimed, "Here is the child of many prayers!" Upon which there seemed to be a general stir among the people present (the number of whom was great), and many could not refrain from weeping. It was a very comfortable opportunity to most present. The path of duty is the path of comfort.
Presumably the one baptised was Samuel Beddome.

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