Covenant signatories 1720

In his book about the Bourton on the Water congregation Pictures of the past Thomas Brooks draws attention to a covenant drawn up and signed by the church in 1720. The covenant can be seen on pages 18-20 of Brooks. He says that
The names of 24 men and 26 women are annexed to this interesting document. The church contained therefore 50 members on that day. Considerable additions were made to that number. The triumphs of the gospel and the spread of their distinctive principles may be judged by the fact, that within three years from the formation of the church 47 members were added by baptism.
He does not give the names but they are listed in an article on the Bourton Church Covenant in the Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society, which arises from a discovery of the document among a bundle kept at the Congregational Library.
The list is in four sections and is as follows:

Column 1, section 1
The mark of ^ Willm Arkull
Thomas Blizard
James Roberts X
Andrew Paxford
Rebekah Paxford
Powis Collett
Thos Bishop
Samuel Fox
John Farmar
Thomas Edgarton
James @ Strang his mark
John Collett
Joseph Straing

Column 1, section 2
Anne Collett
Ruth Collett
Ann Strainge
Mary Beart
Elizabath Pinock
Mary ( Richins 
Mary [illegible] 
Mary Rafe
Thomas Collett
John Raynolds
Estar Haynes 
John Walker 
John Mabbs(?)
Mary Walker
Catherine Bishop
Sarah Farmar
) Elizabeth Blisard
Joyce Collett
John Charlwood
Aubery X Moris 
John Strainge
John Straing
Mary Roberts
William Roberts
Henry Humphris
Sarah Harris
Lawrance Dyer
Sarah Straing
Column 2, section 1
Richard Straing
John Rubee
Jonathan Turner
Howard Fox
Mary Hunt (?)
Mary Collett
Eliz. Hinman (?)
Denis + Ruby (?)
Jan Limbard (?)
Mary Hayward
Ann X Egerton
Sarah Rawbone
Hanah Cook
Eliz. C. Renolds

Column 2, section 2
Hannah Paxford
Ann Cooke
Elizabeth Farmar
Elizabeth Rowe
Mary Hathaway
William Fox
Jane Collett
Elizabeth Churlob
Ann Collett
Ann Coombs (?)
Thomas Ellis 
Sarah Morris 
John Fhluck (?)
Robert Fluck
Elizabeth Wane
Mary Humphris
[illegible] Love Collett
Ann Gibbs
Ann Farmar
Samuell Fox
William Nickol
Sarah Kite
Martha Bosner (?)
Sarah Preston
Sarah Ffox
Elizabeth Raynolds
Many of the names are similar or the same as is clear when set out alphabetically like this:
The mark of ^ Willm Arkull, Mary Beart
Catherine Bishop, Thos Bishop
) Elizabeth Blisard, Thomas Blizard
Martha Bosner (?); John Charlwood
Anne Collett, Ann Collett [illegible], Jane Collett, John Collett, Joyce Collett, Mary Collett, Love Collett, Powis Collett,Ruth Collett, Thomas Collett
Ann Cooke, Hanah Cook
Elizabeth Churlob; Ann Coombs (?); Lawrance Dyer
Ann X Egerton, Thomas Edgarton
Thomas Ellis
John Fhluck (?), Robert Fluck
Ann Farmar, John Farmar,Elizabeth Farmar, Sarah Farmar
Howard Fox, Samuel Fox, Samuell Fox (sic), Sarah Ffox, William Fox
Ann Gibbs; Mary Hathaway; Estar Haynes; Mary Hayward; Sarah Harris; Eliz. Hinman (?)
Henry Humphris, Mary Humphris
Mary Hunt (?); Sarah Kite; Jan Limbard (?); John Mabbs(?)
Aubery X Moris, Sarah Morris
William Nickol
Andrew Paxford, Hanah Paxford, Rebekah Paxford,
Elizabath Pinock; Sarah Preston; Mary Rafe; Sarah Rawbone
Eliz. C. Renolds, Elizabeth Raynolds, John Raynolds
Mary ( Richins
James Roberts X, Mary Roberts, William Roberts
Elizabeth Rowe
Denis + Ruby (?), John Rubee
Ann Strainge, James @ Strang his mark, John Strainge, John Straing (sic), Joseph Straing, Richard Straing, Sarah Straing
Jonathan Turner
John Walker, Mary Walker
Elizabeth Wane
Mary [illegible]

No doubt a good number of these were around when Beddome came to Bourton from 1740.

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