A Note on Nathaniel Rawlins

The Baptist reporter and missionary intelligencer, Volume 21 carries an article on Back Street, Trowbridge, including this information:

After the death of Mr Wickenden, in 1759, the pulpit was supplied by various ministers until 1765. Among the number, there appear the names of Hugh and Caleb Evans, Benjamin Francis, [?] Thomas and [John?] Kingdon [d 1855]. In 1763, Mr N Rawlings (sic) supplied the pulpit, and continued to do so, at intervals, until December, 1765, when he became the stated minister, and was ordained in 1769. Owing to some unpleasant circumstances, Mr Rawlings left in 1771; but resumed his office in 1778, and held it until his death, 1809, at the venerable age of seventy-five. Mr Rawlings came from the church of Mr Benjamin Beddome, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, and was a faithful and successful minister of the gospel, having personally baptized about one hundred and seventy-five persons. As a man, a Christian, and a minister, I think I may say, he was respected by all who knew him.

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