Rachel Beddome's Gift

It appears from this entry in a Bristol Charity Book available online that when Beddome's mother Rachel Beddome died in 1758 she left £100 to the Pithay church in Bristol.

There is nothing to lead us to the origin of this charity, but the memorandum-book before-mentioned, in which it is stated, that "Mrs Rachel Beddome left to the congregation of Dissenters, meeting in the Pithay, 100£ towards a house for the minister to dwell in, which 100£ is at present in the hands of William Ludlow, senior. The interest hath been at four per cent., and paid to the Rev Mr Tommas." (NB This 100£ was paid into the hands of Mr Christopher Ludlow, by the executors of Mr William Ludlow, 13th January, 1766, but has been since paid by him, with the consent of the Rev Mr Beddome, towards the purchase of the parsonage house in Cumberland-street, which cost 330£.)

By an indenture, bearing date 29th November, 1774, made between Edward Golledge and Abraham Blatchley, of the one part; Thomas Ludlow,* and others, of the other part; the parties of the first part, in consideration of the sum of 330£ granted to the parties of the second part, all that messuage or tenement, situate on the south east side of Cumberland-street, containing in breadth on the front or southward part thereof, next to the said street, twenty-seven feet, and in breadth or width, on the back part thereof feet; to hold the said messuage and premises, upon trust to permit and suffer the Rev John Tommas, the then pastor or senior minister of the society or congregation of Protestant dissenters of the Baptist denomination, assembling for religious worship behind or contiguous to a certain place called the Pithay, in the city of Bristol, to reside in, occupy, and enjoy the same, so long as the said John Tommas should continue in that office; and from and after his decease or removal from that office, then to permit and suffer the pastor or senior minister next to be called and chosen by the major part of the members of the said congregation, and his successors in that office, (the pastor or senior minister for the time being of the said congregation to be called and chosen from time to time by the major part of the said congregation, and every successive congregation of the Protestant dissenters of the Baptist denomination, and meeting in the same place, or in such other place or places where they should or might remove their meeting-house or place of public worship,) for ever, to hold, reside in, occupy, and enjoy the same during their continuance in that office, or otherwise, in trust, to let or set the same, and to receive the rents, issues, and profits thereof, and to pay the net moneys arising therefrom unto such pastor or senior minister, and his successors, in part of his or their recompense for their labour and service in and to the said congregation, towards his and their support. This sum of 100£ forms part of the purchase-money of 330£ which was paid for the messuage and premises conveyed by the above-abstracted indenture.
The house is now let by the trustees, and the present minister, who receives the rent thereof.
*Ludlow was Rachel Beddome's son-in-law

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