Letters in the National Library of Wales

I was able to see the Calendar of Letters in the National Library mentioned elsewhere, today. The 201 letters (NLW MS 1207E) have been bound in a thick volume with an appropriate frontispiece. Divided between ministers and missionaries, the letters appear alphabetically by author. In some cases prints of the relevant men have been inserted at the appropriate point. It would be good to look at other letters in the volume.
I was easily able to locate the two Beddome letters and the one sent to him by John Reynolds in 1786 with regard to the Seward Fund. I hope to report on these three letters in due time. They are (in order of date)
1. Beddome to Henry Keen[e] (November 14, 15, 1772). Henry Keene (1726?-1797) was the leading deacon at Maze Pond, Southwark, where Beddome was once a member. He was a philanthropist and involved in the anti-slavery movement.
2. Reynolds to Beddome (December 12, 1786). John Reynolds (1730-1792) is mentioned elsewhere on this blog.
3. Beddome and his deacons to the Association meeting in Evesham (May 31, 1789)

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