Beddome descendants

The good old Internet has come up trumps again. A lady has recently been in touch with me who is a descendant of Beddome. She and her sister are Beddome's great great great great great grandchildren! She has sent me lots of interesting material, mostly with regard to descendants.
I had already decided that in light of there being no portrait (which she, sadly, confirms) it would be good to have the signature up at least but wasn't sure how to go about getting that in manageable form but that was one thing she sent and so I have incorporated it into the blog header.
So some more goodies to come. For now I'll just mention this stained glass window in the St Lawrence church featured in the last blog post. Annie and Mary were great grand daughters and are buried outside the church. I believe they are the ones who had the memorial stone shown recently set up. A great great grandson, William Beddome Bridgett, also has a commemoration window in St Lawrence's.

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