Deacon James Ashwin

In Pictures of the past Thomas Brooks records how the year after Thomas Coles came, deacon James Ashwin [1710-1801] died. It is recorded in the church book thus:

September 3, 1801, departed this life, an honoured and beloved brother in the Lord, James Ashwin, aged ninety one. An honourable member and deacon of this church, of a savoury spirit in the things of God, a humble Christian, often afflicted, and greatly comforted in his affliction. A constant attendant on the means of grace, when able, and an admirer of the grace of the means, saying, 'why me, such a sinner as I have been, to have hope toward God, my Redeemer?' He cherished an ardent desire for the good of souls, and for the peace and prosperity of Zion. He was calm and composed in his last affliction, though in great pain. Though not destined to enjoy the ministry of Mr Coles, he felt much interest in the prospect of his coming, and requested that he would preach at his funeral, from Jeremiah xxxi 3, which was done on the eighth of that month.

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