December 1784

Entries in Richard Hall's diary for December 1784 revealed here by Mike Rendell give a little insight into that month in Bourton on the Water. (In January 1784 Beddome's wife Elizabeth had died). 

Mike Rendell begins by saying that
On Tuesday 7th December 1784 Richard Hall noted that there was snow last night, very Cold.” The following day saw the entry Snow at night, hard Frost, very sharp. Snow in ye afternoon, wind high at night.” And so it continued for the rest of the week (Snow lay, hard Frost …. very hard Frost, snow lay some more last night … a considerable deal of Snow.”).
He then gives us a copy of the diary for Monday December 13 until the end of the year

Monday December 13th
Snow still lay – Frozen hard -pretty fine day.
Tu. 14th
Having obtained help of God … I am spared to see the return of my Wedding Day. Din’d at Mrs Snookes with Mr Beddome. Mr and Mrs Palmer came in the afternoon. Frost continued. A little more Snow. Cold.
W 15th
Heard Mr Beddome at the lecture Isah 41.10 former part - mostly dull, a little snow, rather Thawed – Cold
Thu 16th
Mr Mrs Peake, Mrs Snooks Maria din'd. On a Cod, etc, snow continued dull and cold.
Fri 17th
Dined at Mrs Snookes with Mr & Mrs Peake on a Cod, etc. N+Much snow fall in the past nights. Hard frost. Pretty fine day. Cold.
S 18th
Dull, some snow in the afternoon. Not as cold as it was.
Sabt -19th
Heard Mr Wilkins Acts 8.39 last Cl. Mr Beddome Isah 41.10 former part. Snow continued, mostly dull, cold.
Mo: 20th
Hard Frost, fine day, very cold.
Tu: 21st
Mr Griffiths of Bath & Mr Snooke Breakfast with us. We din'd, etc. with him at Mrs Snookes. Frost continued, Snow still lay – snowed a little today. Very cold.
W 22nd
Hard frost, fine day, very Cold.
Th 23rd
Hard frost, very Cold pretty fine.
Saty 25th
Xmas Day. Heard Mr Wilkins Luke 2. 14th. We din'd etc at Mrs Snookes. frost continued, dull a little, snow, Cold.
Sabt 26th
Heard Mr Beddome Ezekl 12.2 & Mr Wilkins 2 Chron 34. v 3 former part. Dull, seems like(ly) a thaw, not quite so cold. frose at night or in ye night – a great fog alright.
Mo 27th
Frost continued – dull, Cold, a very little snow.
Tu: 28th
Din'd at Mrs Snookes with Wife. Mr Mrs Miss Beale. Mr Shaw. Miss Beddome. Mr B drank tea. Dull day, frost, very sharp wind – exceeding Cold.
Wednesday Decr 20th
Heard Mr Wilkins at the Lecture 2 Peter 3.18 dull day hard frost, very cold.
Thu. 30th
A great fall of Snow, the past night which lay thick. Dull day, foggy, not quite so sharp.
Fri. 31st
Through spareing mercy am preserved to the close of another year, through which much goodness and mercy have followed me but what little fruit – has been brought forth in the midst of many Favours and privileges how well is it God's thoughts are not as mine nor his ways as my ways. Mr Mrs Palmer, Mr Wilkins, Miss Beddome, Mrs Snooke, Maria – Din'd. Mr Beddome drank tea. dull day, cold, Snow still lay thick.
At the beginning of this year 1784 we had much Cold Weather, and snow, a late Spring, warm Summer with much Thunder and Lightning, a very fine Haymaking and Harvest … Snow upon the ground, which has been from the 8 of December and still continues.
The Lord has crowned the Year with his Goodness. 

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