We have some knowledge of Beddome's preaching and the hymns sung in 1771 from a notebook in the Angus library.

Fe 17     1 Cor 6.13c To Thee tho' rightful Lord of all
24          Gen 7.23b When in the waters of ye flood
Mr 10    1 Chr 29:14b Great God whate'er we give to Thee
31          Ps 119.19 All earthly glory fades
Ap 7      Gen 49.19 Our help is in the Lord
Ma 19   Ps 6.2,3 Go wicked man boast of thy wealth
Jl 7       1 Sam 15.32 The midnight shadows are withdrawn
14         Eze 20.41 part Jehovah from his mercy seat
21         1 Thess 5.24 Great God, Thy love and truth conjoin'd
Au 11   Matt 5.48 How perfect Lord art Thou
18         Philemon 17 Engaged in the same common cause
Sp 1      Prov 19.3b Why should I murmur or repine*
15         2 Kings 4.26 a And now my soul what sayest thou
No 24   Isa 37:4c In humble prayer I always find
De 15   1 Jn 5.1a Amidst the floods of deep distress

*This appears to be the only hymn in the hymn book. It is 238.

29 1 Jn 5.18a Oh, what a hateful thing

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