Lecture notes in Bristol

There are three or four books of lecture notes donated to the Bristol College by Beddome in 1794

1.  See
Reference number: G93A/Ze16
Person as subject:
Title: Notes on Pneumatology lectures ?poss by Bernard Foskett
Dates: c.1739- 1753
Card description: ‘BEDDOME, Benjamin | G93a Z e 16 Pneumatology. Ms. N.d. These may be Beddome’s notes on Foskett’s lectures. 180p [barcode: 14392]’
[Front board] coat of arms of ‘A: Gifford, D.D. of the museum’; pasted slip (printed): ‘LIBRARY Baptist College BRISTOL.’, overwritten in pink pen: ‘Z.e.16’
[fo. ir] [first hand:] B. Beddome Pneumatology [second hand:] may be his writing [stamp:] G 93[A written in pen],  [pencil:] 14392, [red ink:] Z.e.16 [pencil] by Bernard Foskett?
[fos. iv-iiv] [blank]
[fo. 1] Pneumatology | Introduction
[fos. 11v-13v] [blank]
[fos. 14r-18r] [begins in medias res]
[fo. 18r] OF TASTE
[fo. 21v; p. 48] Of Hearing Section 1st
[fo. 29r] Of Touch. Sect: 1st of Heat & Cold
[fo. 42v] Of Extension
[fo. 67v] Of the Culture of the Senses
[fo. 69r] Of the Senses of Brutes.
[fo. 70r] Of Memory.
[fo. 76r] Of the Imagination
[fo. 80r] Of Reflection
[fo. 80v] Of Taste
[fo. 85v] Of the operations the mind performs with regard to the Sources mentioned.
[fo. 86v] Of Dividing.
[fo. 88r] Of Compounding
[fo. 89r] Of Comparing
[fo. 89v] Of Moral Faculty
[text ends at base of fo. 90r in middle of sentence; fo. 90v blank; back board has ‘1/2’ written in pen]
Extent: 1 vol
Sources of information: Mark Burden

2. See
Reference number: G93A/Ze18
Person as subject:
Title: Institutiones ethicae (John Eames, transcribed Benjamin Beddome?)
Dates: c.1737- 1794
‘This Manuscript written by the Revd. Benj. Beddome when a Pupil of the Revd. Mr Eames by whom it was composed was given by Mr Beddome to the Library belonging to the Educatn. Society for educating Baptist Minrs. in North Street Bristol. ~ 1794.’ [in pencil:] ‘The hymnes at the other end of the Book are the composition of Mr B. Beddome & many of them are inserted in the Evangelical Magazine of 1795 & following years.’
[fo. 1r] ‘Institutiones Ethicae; ex Autoribus praecipué notis transcriptae, ac in usum Juventutis Academicae in Compendium redactae. | Prolegomena De naturâ Ethices, ejusq; Partitione.’
[fo. 5r] ‘Institutiones Ethicae &c: Pars. Ima:’
[fos. 12r-52r] ‘Pars. IIda
[fos. 52v-35v rev.] Hymns.
Extent: 1 vol
Sources of information: Mark Burden

3. See
Reference number: G93A/Ze39
Person as subject:
Title: Notes on Pneumatology lectures by Henry Grove [previously thought to be by Bernard Foskett]
Dates: c.1707- 1738
Card description: FOSKETT, BERNARD G93a | Pneumatology. MS. n.d. | Presented by Benjamin Beddome in 1794, and reported to be in Foskett’s own hand. [barcode: 14414]’
[Front board] [red ink:] Z.e.39 [second hand in blank ink:] This Manuscript | written by | the Revd. Bernard Foskett | then Pastor of the Church | in Broadmead | & Tutor of | the Baptist Academy, | was given to the | Baptist Library | belonging to the Education | Society | by the Revd. Benj. Beddome | of | Bourton on the Water | 1794. [pencil:] 14414 [stamp:] G 93[A written in pen] [purple stamp, crossed through in black ink:] 88d
Contents [see back of volume]
[p. 1] The Introduction What a Spirit is three Kinds of Spirits making the Scale of Being & why We should consider our Souls
[p. 2] 3 Uses of Ignorance of our Selves
[p. 3] 4 Uses of the Knowledge of our Souls
[p. 4] 3 Uses of ye Knowledge of Angels & one of the Knowledge of God
[p. 5] Of ye Souls Existence & how We know it
[p. 7] Of the Essence of the Soul
[p. 9] 3 Reasons why Thinking is not the Essence of the Soul
[pp. 11, 20] Mr. Lock’s personal Identity consider’d
[pp. 12, 96] Of the Immateriality of the Soul
[p. 15] Of Thinking
[p. 16] Thinking essential it always thinks
[p. 23] Of Ideas, Sensation & Imagination
[p. 25] The Seat of Ideas in the Mind
[p. 29] The Nature of Ideas
[p. 31] The Original of Ideas
[p. 36] The Faculties of the Soul
[p. 37] Imagination beyond Sense in 3 Things
[p. 39] 3 Reasons for Memory being lodg’d in the Mind how distinguish’d from Imagination
[p. 41] What the Will is &c
[p. 46] Habits Intellectual & moral
[p. 48] Affections or Passions
[p. 51] Three Ranks of them
[p. 54] Benevolence & Malevolence
[p. 55] Complacence & Displicence [sic]
[p. 56] Desire & Aversion
[p. 57] Hope & Fear
[p. 58] Joy & Sorrow
[p. 60] Gratitude & Anger
[p. 62] Of the Ubiety of the Soul
[p. 65] Of the Union between Soul & Body
[p. 71] Of the Original of the Soul
[p. 75] Of the Immortality of the Soul
[p. 85] Of the Seperate [sic] State of the Soul
[p. 90] Is it in this State a pured naked Spt.?
[p. 93] Of the Apparition of Deptd. Souls
[p. 94] Of Seperate [sic] Souls Converse wth each other
[p. 107] Book 2d Of Angels
[p. 111] Of the Distinction of Angels
[p. 116] Of Evil Angels
[p. 119] Of the Residence of evil Angels
[p. 123] Of Temptations Possessions &c
[p. 126] Of Apparitions of the Devil
[p. 129] Of Witches
[p. 136] Of God
[p. 141] A brief Demonstration of the Being & Attributes of God
Extent: 1 vol
Sources of information: Mark Burden

4. See
Reference number: G93A/Zh6
Person as subject:
Title: A brief introduction to Chronology (Bernard Foskett, transcribed Benjamin Beddome?); Institutiones Ethicae (John Eames, transcribed from Benjamin Beddome's MS?)
Dates: c.1740- 1740
[front board] ‘The Gift of the Revd. Benj. Beddome, to the Library in North Street, Bristol, belonging to the Baptist Education Society, 1794.’ Bookplate for the ‘LIBRARY, BAPTIST COLLEGE, BRISTOL.’
[fo. 2r] ‘A brief Introduction to Chronology’
[fo. 63r] ‘We proceed to ye 2d part of Xonology, which considers time in particular, & demonstrates ye Certainty of ye Epocha’s or AEras made use of by Historians & Chronologers, as also explains ye Calendars of several Nations.’
[fo. 78r] ‘Of the most celebrated Epocha’s, mention’d in sacred and profane History.’ Table.
[fos. 83r-89r] ‘Of Numerical Letters, Figures, &c.’
[fos. II.1r-II.4r] ‘Mr Eames’s Institutiones Ethicae copy’d from Mr Beddome’s MS.'
[fo. II.4v-end] Blank.
Extent: 1 vol
Sources of information: Simon Dixon, revised Mark Burden

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