Beddome's Library Contents 07

61. Symson, Thomas, d. 1662 Kulo Mahanadim … or a Protestant Picture of Jesus Christ
62. Resbury, Richard, 1607-1674 The lightless-starre or Mr John Goodwin discovered a Pelagio-Socian
63. Peirce, James, 1673-1726 Mr James Pierce's remarks on Dr Wells's letters to Mr Peter Dowley; and to a dissenting parishioner
64. Lucas, Richard, 1648-1715 Religious perfection
65. Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus, 1561-1610 A treatise concerning God's eternall predestination
66. Lawrence, Henry, 1600-1664 Of baptisme
67. Chauncy, Isaac, 1632-1712 The doctrine which is according to godliness grounded upon the Holy Scriptures of truth
68. Collins, Hercules, d 1702 Three books (The scribe instructed unto the kingdom of heaven, Mountains of brass, A poem)
69a. Wyles, Nathanael, c 1659-1748 All men must die or the saints deliverance by death
69b. Keach, Elias 1665-1699 A discourse of the nature and excellency of the grace of patience … in two sermons
70. Larkham, Thomas, 1602-1669 The wedding-supper

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