Beddome's Library Contents 15

139. Mauduit, Isaac, 1662 or 3 Methodus evangelica : or, a modest essay upon the true scriptural-rational way of preaching
140. Chauncy, Charles, 1705-1787 Seasonable thoughts on the state of religion in New-England
141. Blackwell, Thomas, 1701-1757 A catalogue of books newly printed for, and sold... at the Bible in Newgate-Street.
141. Marshall, Joseph, fl. 1770 A Treatise of the Institution, Right Administration and Receiving of the Sacrament
142. Vines, Richard, 1600?-1655/6 Grace: the truth and growth and different degrees thereof
143. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691 The divine life: in three treatises
144. Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676 Three treatises of The vanity of the creature
145. Love, Christopher, 1618-1651 The dividing of the hooff: or Seeming Contradictions throughout Sacred Scriptures, etc
146. ???
147. Streat, William, 1600?-1666/9 Additional annotations to the NT
148. Phelpes, Charles A commentary, or, An exposition with notes on the five first chapters of the Revelation
149(a).  Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699 The good of early obedience Bed
149(b). Heywood, Oliver, 1629-1702 The sure mercies of David Bed
149(c). Hickman, Henry, -1692 The believers duty towards the Spirit, and the Spirits office towards believers
150. Gunter, Edmund, 1581-1626 The Works of Edmund Gunter

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