Beddome's Library Contents 09

80. A confession of faith, put forth by the elders and brothers (London confession, fourth ed)
81. Sedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658 The doubting beleever
82. Dingley, Robert, 1619-166 The deputation of angels, or the angel guardian
83. Strong, William -1654 The worm that dyeth not, or Hell torments in the certainty and eternity of them
84(a). Keach, Benjamin 1640-1704 A short confession of faith
84(b). Keach, Benjamin 1640-1704 The glory of a true church, and its discipline display'd
85. Bradshaw, William 1571-1618 A treatise of justification
86. Strong, William -1654 Heavenly treasure, or Man's chiefest good
87. Symonds, Joseph The case and cure of a deserted soule
88. Shower, John 1657-1715 Sacramental discourses, on several texts, before, and after the Lord's Supper
89. Scott, John, 1639-1695 The Historical Register, containing an impartial
90. Weemes, John The workes of Mr. Iohn Weemse of Lathocker in Scotland. The second volume.

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