More about deacons

In 1789 the Bourton church's letter to the Association is signed by Beddome and eight deacons. Prior to this Richard Boswell (Beddome's father-in-law) and Joseph Strange had also served as deacons but Boswell died in 1783 and Strange around the same time.
Other earlier deacons included Jeremiah Cresser (d 1768), John Wood and John Reynolds Senior (d 1758) and John Reynolds Junior (1731-1792) who became a minister.
We have said something about James Ashwin and William Palmer, in particular, elsewhere on this blog. As for the other six, Edward Reynolds and Thomas Cresser 1738-1808, like Ashwin and Palmer, began to serve as deacons in April, 1781. Reynolds married Ruth Hanks in October, 1771. Cresser was married to Elizabeth Kyte of Bart Farm. Both Reynolds and Cresser were from Little Rissington.
The other deacons in 1789 were Richard Dolby, Joshua Perry, William Collett from Lower Slaughter and Samuel Fox.

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