Beddome Library Contents 36

351. Gill, John, 1697-1771 A body of practical divinity
352. Barlow, John, 1580 or 1581- An exposition of the first and second chapters of the latter episte [sic] of the apostle Paul to Timothie
353. Glass, Salomon, 1593-1656 Salomonis Glassii, S.Th.D.
354. Leighton, Robert, 1611-1684 Rmi. D.D. Roberti Leighton
355. Trapp, Joseph, 1679-1747 Popery truly stated, and briefly confuted. In three parts.
(a) Goodwin, Thomas 1586/7-1642 Moses and Aaron: civil and ecclesiastical rites, vsed by ....
(b) Goodwin, Thomas 1586/7-1642 Romanae historiae anthologia recognita & aucta
(c) Rous, Francis 1615- Archæologiæ Atticæ libri septem. Seven books of the Attick antiquities
357. Dyke, Daniel -1614 The mystery of selfe-deceiuing or A discourse and discouery of the deceitfulnesse of mans heart
358. Stoughton, John, -1639 XIII. sermons, preached in the church of Aldermanbury, London
359. Arrowsmith, John, 1602-1659 Armilla catechetica. A chain of principles
360.  Murcot, John, 1625-1654 Several works of Mr John Murcot

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