Ordination of John Ryland Sen

Ivimey says (Volume 4)
At Warwick, Mr. Ryland had often preached before September 21, 1746; and at that time the church unanimously invited him for twelve months. His ordination took place July 26, 1750. Mr. Brine [John Brine 1703-1765, High Calvinist pastor in Cripplegate, London] gave him a charge, which appears in his printed works. Mr. John Haydon, of Horsley, [1714-1782, later went on to Tewekesbury] preached to the people; Mr. Beddome, Mr. [John?] Overbury [1729-1764, pastor at Alcester], and Mr. [Thomas] Craner [1716-1773, then in Blunham, Bedfordhsire but who went on to pastor in London] prayed; and Mr. Ryland himself concluded 

Letter of Dismission for John Ryland from Bourton Church to that of Warwick.

“The church of Christ meeting at Bourton-on-the-Water, and Stow, in Gloucestershire, under the pastoral care of our beloved brother, Benjamin Beddome, to the church of Christ of the same faith and order meeting at Warwick, sendeth greeting.
“Dearly beloved in our Lord Jesus,
“As it was our happiness that God should raise up such a gift as our brother Ryland amongst us, so 'tis your privilege that you have enjoyed his ministry so long - had him restored after a threatening and dangerous illness (of the small-pox in April last) and are now likely to have him settled in office amongst you. For this purpose we dismiss him from his fellowship with us, and recommend him to you; assuring you that we think it our honour that we ever had such a member; and hoping that the God of all grace will still preserve to him that amiable character which he hath hitherto sustained. May you long be a mutual blessing one to another; and may you enjoy much of God and Christ under his ministrations! In return for such a gift, we desire, and think we have some claim to an interest in your prayers, who are
“Yours in the glorious Head of the Church, Christ Jesus,“
BENJAMIN BEDDOME, Pastor, [and eleven other names.]
Done in the church this 8th day of July, 1750, and signed by us in behalf of the whole.”

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