Letter to Andrew Fuller 1793

In October, 1793 Beddome wrote to Andrew Fuller. The letter is in the Angus Library. it is quoted in the work and remains of Fuller. He writes

I think your scheme, considering the paucity of well-qualified ministers, hath a very unfavourable aspect with respect to destitute churches at home, where charity ought to begin. I had the pleasure once to see and hear Mr. Carey; it struck me he was the most suitable person in the kingdom, at least whom I knew, to supply my place, and make up my great deficiencies when either disabled or removed. A different plan is formed and pursued, and I fear that the great and good man, though influenced by the most excellent motives, will meet with a disappointment. However, God hath his ends, and whoever is disappointed he will not, he cannot be so. My unbelieving heart is ready to suggest that the time is not come, the time that the Lord's house should be built.

The comment is made that Beddome was at this time bowed down with infirmities incident to the time of which he makes affecting mention in his letter.

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