Deacon William Collett 1743-1820

William Collett (1743-1820) the son of William and Elizabeth was born at Bourton on the Water on March 28, 1743. The birth was recorded by the Baptist Church. When Collett was 25 he was baptised in Upper Slaughter in June, 1768. Six years before, William had married Anne Matthews on May 12, 1762 at Upper Slaughter. Anne or Anna was also later referred to as Hannah.
In 1767 the couple’s third child was born and shortly after she was expecting her fourth. The Upper Slaughter baptism register apparently confirmed William to be the husband of Anne. He was baptised on the same day as his much younger brother, Henry.
All of William and Anne’s children were born and later baptised at Upper Slaughter where, on October 27, 1772, it is established that blacksmith William Collett of Upper Slaughter took on land, the blacksmith’s shop and Pool’s Close, all as part of a 99-year lease. The owner of the property, from whom it was leased, was Mary Tracy the widow of Thomas Tracy. The lease also made reference to his sons William Collett and Joseph Collett.
By 1789 Collett had become a deacon.
William Collett died in 1820, aged 78, and was buried on December 10, 1820 at Bourton-on-the-Water, as recorded in the Baptist Church records. The Will of William Collett was made on October 1, 1801 and signed in his own hand. Within the short document there is no mention of his wife who therefore must have passed away between the birth of the couple’s last child and that time. William appointed three of his children (Thomas, Richard and Sarah) as executors of his estate. However, following his death it was only his daughter Sarah who was sworn in at the proving of the Will, which took place on June 5, 1822.

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