Exposition of the Catechism commended

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An Exhortation to the Religious Education of Children: being a circular letter from the Elders and Messengers of the several Baptist Churches, meeting at Aulcester [and elsewhere, i.e. the Midland Association] ... met in association at Bromsgrove ... June 11 and 12, 1783. Prepared by James Butterworth. [Republished by the Philadelphia Baptist Association, together with the circular letter of the Baltimore Baptist Association for 1795 on "strong and weak faith," written by John Davis.]

Train up your children in the knowledge of all the doctrines and duties of the Chriſtian religion. They who neglect this, neglect one great part of their duty in the education of their children. As the gospel is the greatest blessing mankind is favored with in this world, it is the duty of every parent to train up his children in the knowledge oſ it, to the utmost of his power. To this end, teach your children the Catechism, which contains a summary of the Christian religion. Take care that this short compendium be well fixed in their minds, memories and judgments. Furnish them with proper reaſons and arguments ſor what they are taught to believe and practise. Get Mr. Beddome's Exposition of the Catechism, and make them read it over once every month through the year. This, with a divine blessing, will prove an excellent method to ground your children in all the fundamentals oſ religion, and make them "wise unto salvation, through ſaith in Christ Jesus;" which is the hearty, sincere desire oſ your brethren in our dear Lord.

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Thank you for these posts! I greatly appreciate your labors with this. I have used them both for personal benefit and ministering to the church I pastor.