John Heskins

In an article on The Morgans of Birmingham found here, F W Butt-Thompson says that John Heskins had a long connection with the Baptist Church at NaiIsworth. His son, John, married Sophia, the daughter of Benjamin Francis, pastor at Nailsworth for 42 years, and a hymn-writer whose work was then well known. Sophia was born 1784. The marriage was childless and Mary died in her early twenties. Francis' other daughter, Catherine Holbrow, married a minister, Thomas Flint, and lived to the age of 67.
He also says that an apprentice of John Heskins was one of the sons of Benjamin Beddome, of Bourton-on-the-Water.
Heskins, like his father before him, a clothier, was a deacon in Nailsworth. Heskins Senior served in that capacity for 50 years. The father at one time ran Nailsworth Mills.
John Heskins Senior was born c 1731 and died 1813. He married married Hannah Horwood in 1755 and she died in 1772. No children are recorded from this marriage.
He married Mary Bliss in 1775 and had four children - John junior, and three girls, Mary, Sarah and Hannah.
Hannah  married Abraham Flint and died of complications during her first preganancy.
Sarah married Edward Barnard and had numerous children but the male line died with John in 1838 when he had reached the age of 59.

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