More on Joshua Ware

Joshua Ware (d 1739) is the minister through whom Beddome was converted. In The records of Buckinghamshire Vol 18 it says that Ware became High Sherrif for the county at one time (1734, 1735) and preached not only at the Lower Baptist Church in Hinton but also for the General Baptists at Broadway "where he was allowed the use of the pulpit" around 1735. [Both are in Chesham. Hinton Baptist Chapel was founded in 1701 (its building was rebuilt in 1898). The Baptist chapel in Broadway was founded in 1706.] It also says Ware is the author of The torments of hell and the joys of heaven (1732). The book was printed by Aaron Ward as The torments of hell and the joys of heaven conjecturally described.

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