Beddome's Brothers and Sisters

 Beddome had at least seven siblings, as shown here.

Benjamin Brandon (Rev) Beddome
1717 - 1795
Sarah (Sally) Beddome
1727 - 1757
Joseph Beddome
1718 - 1794
Bernard Beddome
1721 - 1738

Martha (Patty) Beddome
1729 - 1768
Mary Beddome
1720 - 1763
John Beddome
1716 - 1728
Rachel Beddome
1719 - 1738

John is the oldest and Benjamin is the next eldest and the longest lived with Joseph next after him. Next come Rachel, Mary and Bernard. These were all born in Henley-in -Arden. Then after a little gap Sarah and Martha (known as Patty) were born in Bristol. John died in childhood, only 12, and Bernard and Rachel were only 17 and 20 when they died in 1738, perhaps from the same disease. Sarah, who never married, was dead by the time she was 30. The other two sisters married but died relatively young (Martha was 39 and Mary 43). (Some authorities also list a Caleb born in 1729). Mary married Edward Bright (1740) and later Moses Brain 1726-1796 (1753). Through Moses she became the mother of Mary (1744-1819) and the short lived Rachel. Perhaps Mary died giving birth to Rachel or shortly after. Martha was married to Christopher Ludlow (1731-1789). Their children were Christopher Brandon and Martha.

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