Heskins, Beddome and Norton

We know that Robert Norton was in business with John Heskins and a Beddome son. This notice in the Gazette noting the move from Bristol to Nailsea cast s a little more light

THE Partnership between John Heskins, Boswell Brandon Beddome, and Robert Norton, all of Nailsworth, in the Parish of Horsley, in the County of Gloucester, Clothiers and Partners, was, by mutual Content, dissolved on the 21st Day of December last. NB The business will in future be carried on at Nailsworth aforesaid, by Heskins and Norton only, to whom all Persons to whom the Paid Partnership is indebted are desired to apply for Payment of their respective Debts; and all Persons who are indebted to the Said Partnership arc desired to pay the same to Heskins and Norton only, who are duly authorized to receive the same: Witness our Hands this 12th Day of March, 1791, 

John Heskins
Boswell Brandon Beddome
Robert Norton

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