Thomas Brooks 1818-1881

Thomas Brooks was the pastor of the Bourton on the Water church c 1851-1861, remaining in Bourton for 10 years, during which time he wrote a history of the church. He was probably previously at Roade in Northamptonshire (c 1841-1851) and after Bourton spent his third stint in Wallingford, Berkshire (now Oxon).
He was probably born in Northampton, his parents being William and Sarah. He appears to have been baptised at College Street, Northampton. In 1841 he was married to Elizabeth Andrews, in Birmingham. They appear to have had six children, mostly boys. After Elizabeth's death he remarried - to Elizabeth Jennings in Kingsclere, Hampshire. This was in 1869. The first Elizabeth probably lived 1815-1867.

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