Exposition of the Catechism Commended in the West

A second edition of the exposition of the catechism appeared in 1776. It was commended in the circular letter of the Western Association.

The churches are desired to take notice, that at their repeated request, a new edition is printed of that excellent little body of divinity, A fcriptural exposition of the Baptift catechism, by our Brother B. Beddome, it having been long out of print. And as the reprinting this CATECHISM will be attended with a very considerable expence to the author, it is hoped the several churches will take a competent number of them to keep by them for future as well as prefent use, as the author will not otherwise be indemnified for the expence he is necessarily put to by this labour of love.

In 1771 the same Association had added an NB to its circular letter as ollows

N. B. Those churches that are in want of Beddome's Baptift Catechism, which has long been out of print, are desired forthwith to send orders for any number of them they are willing to take, to the Rev. Hugh Evans, Bristol; that another edition of that useful work may be speedily obtained, should there be a sufficient number subscribed for to defray the expence.

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