Hymn Forgiveness

Here is a helpful hymn of confession. A bit too much worm theology here for some but it sounds biblical to me. Conscience and law have their place and hypocrsiy is eschewed. I think the line 'Forgive my duties too' quite striking. The final verse seems to be alluding to Esther's experience.

433 Imploring forgiveness SM

1 ’TIS sin, that worst of ills,
Disorders all my frame;
Conscience it arms with deadly stings,
And fills my face with shame.

2 In vain, alas, I strive,
My wretchedness to hide
With filthy rags of righteousness,
Which my own hands provide.

3 The holy law condemns
To everlasting pain;
Vain is the hope I draw from thence
And all the comfort vain.

4 Oh hear thy servant, Lord,
And thy compassion show;
Pardon my aggravated sins,
Forgive my duties too.

5 Abashed and self-abhorred,
I at thy footstool lie
And should thy mercy be withheld
Here I’m resolved to die.

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