Hymn Desiring the Divine Presence

This is a prayerful hymn of confident trut what ever may come. It is similar to a Methodist hymn beginning 'One thing with all mys soul's desire' and including the verse 'Then leave me not when griefs assail, And earthly comforts flee; When father, mother, kindred fail, My God will think on me.'

560 Desiring the Divine Presence CM

UNVEIL thy face most holy Lord,
And fill my heart with joy;
Thy glories then shall tune my tongue,
And all my thoughts employ.

2 Should I be plunged in deep distress,
And earthly comforts flee;
Yet might I say that thou art mine,
’Twould be enough for me.

3 If in a dungeon dark confined,
I still enjoyed thy smile;
This would at once disperse the gloom
And all my cares beguile.

4 If in a lonely wilderness,
My dwelling place should be;
Grant me thy presence, and I want
No other company.

5 In danger thou art my defence,
My help in time of need
Whilst others are but friends in name,
Thou art a friend indeed.

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