Hymn Lot and Sodom

This brief but powerful hymn sees this world as Sodom and urges flight. The opening line draws on Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 'And if I stop, I die' is a strong line. The final line requires a knowedge of the biblical story. Even with that, it is poor. What was wrong with ''Till I thy heaven gain" or " Till I to heav'n attain"? Homer nodded.

333 Lot looking toward Sodom CM
Gen 19:16, 17

THIS world is all enchanted ground,
Oh, whither shall I fly
The vengeful flames are kindling round,
And if I stop, I die.

When some kind hand has brought me forth,
How lingering is my pace!
Lord, either drive me by thy wrath,
Or draw me by thy grace.

Oh let me not a moment waste
On this destructive plain;
Hence let me flee with greater haste,
Till I the Zoar gain.

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