Hymn New Members

This is a useful hymn to welcome new members. 'A hearty welcome here shall find' is similar to Newton's 'A hearty welcome here receive'. The striking contrast 'Satan's wiles' and 'the Saviour's smiles' is echoed in Newton and Wesley and elsewhere but is done very well here. 'Sacred bands' is also in Wesley. The final line is like Cowper's stronger 'And make a thousand hearts thine own'.

648 Admission of Members LM
BELIEVING souls, of Christ beloved, Who have yourselves to him resigned, Your faith and practice both approved, A hearty welcome here shall find.
2 Now saved from sin and Satan’s wiles, Though by a scornful world abhorred, Now share with us the Saviour’s smiles Come in ye ransomed of the Lord.
3 In fellowship we join our hands, And you an invitation give Unite with us in sacred bands, The pledges of our love receive. 4 Do thou who art the church’s head, This union with thy blessing crown; And still, oh Lord revive the dead, Till thousands more thy name shall own.

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