Hymn Jacob's Ladder

This might be considered an unusual subject for a hymn today but at one time it was perhaps not. John Newton has a hymn on the same theme. The ladder of course is Christ. 'Here I behold a type of thee' is not very deft but when we read 'The only medium thou by which We converse with the skies' we are comforted that what the hymn lacks in that department it makes up for in theology.

334 Jacob’s Ladder CM
Gen 28:12

SEE yonder ladder, wondrous sight,
Reared by eternal hands,
Extending far above the clouds,
Here on the earth it stands.

2 Here I behold a type of thee,
My Saviour and my God;
And learn the sure the only way
To thy divine abode.

3 By thee the angels quick descend
To visit saints below;
Their task fulfilled, by thee ascend,
Thy sovereign will to know.

4 The only medium thou by which
We converse with the skies;
By thee we every grace receive,
By thee to glory rise.

5 Angels and saints on earth are one,
Through thy redeeming blood;
The shining path which Jacob saw,
Shows us the way to God.

6 May holy angels be our guard,
And guide us to thy seat,
Till we with all thy saints appear,
To worship at thy feet.

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