Hymn Jacob's Vow

Again on Jacob, this hymn sticks closely to the story identifying closely with the Patriarch. It is quite an ordinary hymn, though the final verse is pleasing.

335 Jacob’s Vow
Gen 28:20-22

WHEN Jacob at Luz
Was blessed of his God,
A stone he set up,
The place he called Bethel,
Where God had appeared,
And for him an altar
He gratefully reared.

2 He uttered a vow,
If God would still bless,
Would grant him supplies,
And guide him in peace,
To make him his portion
And call him his God
To yield him his substance,
For favours bestowed.

3 Like Jacob of old,
My vow would I make,
If thou wilt still bless,
And never forsake;
But grant food and raiment
And all needful good,
I’ll bless thee and call thee
My Lord and my God.

4 An altar I’ll raise,
My offerings bring,
Thine honour maintain,
Thine excellence sing;
My self I’ll surrender,
Yield all to thy hands,
And bow with submission
To all thy commands.

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