Hymn Saviour's Condescension

This is a wonderful hymn, full of godly affection and a real amazement at God's very great goodness to us in Christ. Beddome is not simply trying to teach us here. He wants to move us and that is something we need.

Wesley refers to 'poor dying worms' in 'What am I?', Watts' (slightly overdoing the worms) says in 'Up to the Lord' - 'In vain might lofty princes try Such condescension to perform; For worms were never raised so high Above their meanest fellow worm.' Matthew Henry's commentary on 1 John 2 speaks of observing Christ's commands having a holiness and excellency in it 'which, if universal, would make the earth resemble heaven itself'.

88 Condescending Saviour SM

LORD, every look of thine
Attracts my soul to thee;
And with an ecstasy divine,
I say, Is this for me!

2 Will he, before whose throne,
The angels stoop so low,
To dying worms, to sinful man,
Such condescension show?

3 Then his be all the praise,
To him be glory given;
By me, by all the saints on earth,
Till earth resembles heaven.

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