Hymn Public worship

579 Delighting in Public Worship CM

BLESSED is the place where God
And all his charms displays;
His gracious smiles forbid our fears,
And gladden all our days.

2 Here humble saints a transport feel,
Beyond the joys of sense;
Nor could they while on Zion's hill,
E'er wish to move from thence.

3 A thousand sacred pleasures meet
Where Jesus deigns to dwell;
Then let us prostrate at his feet,
And there out wants reveal.

4 Before the throne would we appear,
There make our last abode
Nor should we then have ought to fear,
So near our Saviour God.

5 Thus while our minutes onward roll,
Our joys shall ne’er remove;
Lord, thy dear presence fills the soul
With ecstasy and love.

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