Hymn Giving of the Law

Similar to the last hymn this one begins with Sinai and the law and then moves to Jesus' rescue mission when he frees captive souls 'And spreads a heaven of comfort there' (what a great line - heaven of comfort is a Puritan phrase). The idea of God as a shield is in Genesis 15. Philip henry has a sermon called 'Christ is our shield'. ''Tis a dark night when he is gone, When he appears 'tis light and day' - another fine bit of writing.

358 Giving of the Law LM

JEHOVAH sends his wrath abroad,
And fills a guilty world with fear;
With awe we view th’ extended rod,
And start to see our ruin near.

2 Not Israel’s sons could tremble more,
When God from Sinai’s mountain spoke,
Bade the loud thunders rage and roar,
And clad his words in fire and smoke.

3 The law revealed with mighty power,
Strikes all our hopes and comforts dead;
Convictions now unknown before
Our guilty trembling souls invade.

4 Hell's billows all around us roll,
And all within is black despair,
Till Jesus frees our captive souls,
And spreads a heaven of comfort there.

5 Christ is our shield, and he our sun,
His presence sends our fears away;
'Tis a dark night when he is gone,
When he appears 'tis light and day.

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