Hymn Sinai and Zion

The hymn contrasts the old and new covenants. Verses 1-5 look at Sinai and then in 6-8 we come to New Testament Zion.

337 Sinai and Sion CM

WHEN God descends, a streaming fire
Attends him through the sky;
Thick clouds compose his dark attire,
And vivid lightnings fly.

2 Impervious wreaths of smoke surround,
And hide his awful seat;
Incessant thunders roar around,
Or murmur at his feet.

3 'Twas thus on Sinai’s lofty hill,
Jehovah once appeared;
The trumpet loud proclaimed his will,
And trembling Israel heard.

4 They trembling heard, but straight forgot
The terrors of the day;
They scarcely left the awful spot,
Before they went astray.

5 Their solemn vows they soon revoke,
False and ungrateful prove;
Forget the tempest, fire and smoke,
Their Maker’s wrath and love.

6 What Sinai’s terror ne’er could do,
That Sion's God performs;
'Tis he that creates our hearts anew,
And strengthens feeble worms.

7 He gently leads our wandering souls
In paths of righteousness;
And all our passions he controls,
By his all-powerful grace.

8 From Sinai we to Sion fly,
The city of our God;
Unawed and fearless we draw nigh,
And make it our abode.

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