Hymn Winter and Spring

This nature poem rises to be a song of creation, asserting God's authority over all. It somehow seems to break out of any deistic hints (revolutions, destined and nature) to be truly theistic (the Lord, obey his word, his arms, his sun, his command, his mighty power, his mysterious footsteps, he rules, his rebuke, the hollow of his hand).

723 Winter and Spring LM

THE various changing seasons owe
Their revolutions to the Lord;
The hoary fog and fleecy snow
And winds and clouds obey his word.

2 He sends the cold, and o’er the streams,
His arms an icy mantle fling,
Again his sun’s enlivening beams
Restore the blessings of the Spring.

3 The moon and stars at his command,
Swiftly perform their destined race.
None can his mighty power withstand,
Or his mysterious footsteps trace.

4 He rules the storm by sea and land,
At his rebuke the tempest dies,
And in the hollow of his hand,
The whole extent of nature lies.

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